Frequently Asked Questions

What are these canvas?


They are charts of the stars on a given night from a given location on earth. These canvas are the electronic version of what is known as Planispheres in Astronomy. A Planisphere is a star chart analog computing instrument in the form of two adjustable disks that rotate on a common pivot. It can be adjusted to display the visible stars for any time and date. It is an instrument to assist in learning how to recognize stars and constellations.

Our canvas are plotted out of thousands of stars, showing you what is visible on a particular night from a specific location on a night you choose. Along with the stars, our software plots the most known constellations and the outline of our galaxy, The Milkyway. All canvas elements are plotted with the highest known scientific accuracy. We use Yale’s Bright Star Catalog and other astronomical databases for our celestial data which contain the coordinates and brightness of each known star in the galactic coordinate system. For constellation lines, we use Donald Menzel’s A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets. We also include Deep Sky Objects (e.g. nebulas and galaxies) and their labels which are available in the Messier Catalog and the New General Catalog.

Each customized canvas is generated after processing thousands of stars and hundreds of related data points to the greatest scientific accuracy. You can compare our canvas with ones generated by open source software packages, such as Stellarium.

What are your products?

We offer 2 products:

Custom canvas as downloadable files.
Custom canvas print on museum quality 200gsm paper, with 100+ year colour guarantee. You can also add a frame to your order at checkout.
You can choose a product during the checkout process, after you customize your canvas.
Are your prints framed?
You can choose to add a frame to your order at checkout. Our frames come in 3 colours: Black, White and Natural (wooden look).

Tell me more about your frames?
Our frames come in 3 colors: Black, White and Oak (natural wood). Created from high-quality wood, our frames are milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. The dimensions are 20mm (front face) and 23mm (depth from wall)

What are your prices?

Our prices depend on the product you choose, it also depends on whether you have a promotion applied. We recommend that you check our canvas customization page, choose the settings you would like to check the price for, then go to checkout which will display the price for you. This is all for free, you do not have to buy at this stage. You can also save your canvas for later and return back to buy it if you made up your mind.


How do I order?

Ordering your canvas is simple. All you have to do is follow these steps:

First off, go to our canvas editor to customize your own canvas.
Then, when you are happy with your design, click on “Checkout”. This will take you to the checkout area where you could select the product to order (print or downloadable images).
Once you choose a product, proceed to pay for your order.
That’s all! We’ll show you an order summary page when the payment processor confirms your payment.
What sizes are your prints?
It depends on the product you choose at checkout.

Downloadable Images
For downloadable canvas, we offer a wide range of standard sizes. You can download your canvas in all sizes instantly without any restrictions. The sizes offered are:

US Sizes (Inches):
8.5 x 11″ (letter)
11 x 14″
16 x 20″
18 x 24″
24 x 36″
Metric (Centimeters):
21 x 29.7 CM (A4)
24 x 30 CM
30 x 40 CM
40 x 50 CM
50 x 70 CM
Print sizes depend on where you order from. For our customers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, we offer 18×24 inch prints. For the rest of the world, we print in 50×70 Centimeters. starrycanvas look amazing on these sizes and we use 200gsm, museum quality paper. If you are interested in more print sizes please let us know.

Can I download the canvas and print it on my own?

Yes you can! We offer our custom star canvas as downloadable files which you will get instant access to as soon as you complete your order. You could then print your canvas at a local print shop or upload it to an online printing service.

Where can I print my downloaded canvas?

If you choose to buy the downloadable star canvas, you will get access to it in 10 different sizes instantly. To print, you can save the sizes you want on a memory stick or send it by email to your local print service. Alternatively, you can upload the canvas to an online print service such as Snapfish and have them print if for you.

Can I save my custom canvas design for later?

Yes! If you want to save your design to come back for it later you definitely can. Proceed to create a custom canvas page. Once you are done with customization, hit the “Save Design” button in the bottom left corner. Then, type your email and we’ll send you a link to your canvas which you could use any time to access your saved canvas.


Can I change the font type or size?

At the moment, font sizes and types can not be changed. However, you could order your canvas as a downloadable file which you could then edit in photoshop or any photo editing software. There you can adjust the font size, type, or write something in any font you wish.


Do you ship to my country?

We ship prints worldwide for free. If you choose to purchase the downloadable files, your canvas will be instantly available for download once your payment is cleared.

How long does shipping take?

We need 3 business days to process your order. Once your order is processed, we dispatch your print to a shipping service and send you an email with a shipment tracking code. Shipping times may differ depending on couriers and destination, here’s our best effort estimate of how long it takes:

US: 7-10 days.
Canada: 3 weeks. You can buy express delivery at checkout.
Europe: 3-7 days.
UK: 2-3 days.
Australia: 5-10 days.
Rest of the world: 14-29 days.
Note that you can buy express delivery at checkout. If you need your print sooner, consider buying the downloadable files (which come in 10 different sizes) and print the size you like at a local print shop.

How much does shipping cost?

We ship worldwide for free. Express delivery is extra, you can add it to your order at checkout. if you are tight on time please get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do you ship express?

Yes, you can add express shipping at checkout. Express shipping prices varies depending on the shipping country; so head over to the checkout page and choose your shipping country to find out how much it costs. Please get in touch if you need help with that at

Can I track my package?

Yes. We’ll send you a tracking code as soon as we’re done processing your order (which takes 3 business days). If you haven’t received your tracking code, please check your Spam or Junk folder. If you still can not find it, please get in touch at

How are your prints packaged?

Rolled prints are shipping in cylinders, and framed prints are shipped in boxes. Both are very well protected against possible damages. If you receive a damaged package please get in touch right away at and we’ll make things right. Also note that we do not include any receipts or mentions of prices or promotions in our packages, we only include your customized print!


Are your prints framed?

You can add a frame at checkout. Once you are done customizing your canvas, head over to the checkout page to finalize your order details and choose a frame.

Where can I find the right frame for your prints?

If you choose not to buy a framed print from us, you could buy a frame locally. Our print sizes, 18×24 inches and 50×70 Centimeters are standards in the US and internationally. You should be able to find frames for these sizes in online stores like Amazon and IKEA.

US and Canada:

For the US and Canada, our prints come in the 18″x24″ size on museum grade matte paper, printed with archival ink, offering 100+ years of colour guarantee. If you’re looking for a perfect fit, get the 18×24 inch (45.7cm x 61 cm) frame. If you want a bit of matte padding around the frame, the 22×28 inch (55.88×71.12 cm) would look nice with 2 inches (5 cm) of padding around your print.

Australia & New Zealand:

For the Australia and New Zealand, we also offer our prints in the 18″x24″ size on museum grade matte paper, printed with archival ink, offering 100+ years of colour guarantee. For that, you could get the 18×24 inch frame if you want the print to fit perfectly, or the 22×28 inch (55.88 x 71.12 cm) if you want a bit of padding (2 inches). Check, they usually have the 18×24 inch frames in stock. You could also look for your frame at, they have a wide selection in the size 18×24.

Europe and The Rest of The World:

We offer the 50×70 cm prints on museum grade art matte. They’re printed using archival ink, with a colour guarantee of 100+ years. If you want your print to fit the frame perfectly, get the 50×70 cm frame. Otherwise, if you want a bit of padding/gutter, get the 55.88×71.12 frame which will have 5.08 CM mat around your print.

I’m sending the print as a present, could you exclude the invoice from the package?

We do not include any invoicing details in the package, we only ship your customized canvas.

Do you offer other print sizes than 18×24 inches and 50×70 Centimeters?

We don’t at the moment, but we are happy to handle more sizes in the future so we’d like to hear from you if that is what you need. Please get in touch at if you have any special requests.


Do you sell gift cards?

We don’t at the moment, but we are working on that. Email us at so we could notify you when gift cards are ready.

I want to send a map as a gift, can you remove the receipt?

We only include your print in the package, we do not include receipts or references to our website.

What is your Returns Policy?

You can find our Returns Policy on this page.

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